Field Day & Beignets!

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Bubble Gum Bubbles

Bubble Gum Bubbles, originally uploaded by Ryan Ellerbusch.

Pictures updated on the Ellerbusch Flickr website (www.flickr.com/ellerbusch). This video is one of our favorites!

First Day of School

First Day of School, originally uploaded by Ryan Ellerbusch.

The girls had their first day of school for the 2012-2013 school year today. This wasn’t anything new to Camryn, but for Morgan this was her first day of school ever. They were both excited this morning when they woke up about going to school, Morgan even responded with a resounding ‘yes’ when we asked if she was going to have fun at school today. We got there, and boy did that change for the worst. She didn’t take to her classroom right away, which we thought might happen so we went ahead and left her in the classroom to adjust. Camryn had a much better time with it, but remember she’s older and has a year under her belt at school. She’s excited that school has started again.They grow up too fast…

Flickr Site Updated

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Congratulations to my brother and sister in law on the birth of their second child Cooper Allen Andry!  Another boy… now the odds are even!!

Is this thing still on…?

Test… test….?  Realizing it’s been nearly seven months since the last post to this family blog I’ve come to one conclusion.  I’ve either been verrrry busy, or forgotten how to log in!  Really it was both, and It’s hard to find time to put down in writing what we’re all going through, and especially nowadays when people are used to short worded sentences in text messaging, or social networking sites.  I mean twitter does limit the number of characters for crying out loud.

*By the way my twitter handle changed from @ryanellerbusch to @ellerbuschnet

Quite a few things have happened since the last post, but I think I’m still trying to believe the LSU vs Alabama national championship game was a dream (more like a nightmare).  Camryn is having a great time in Pre-K 3 at St. Christopher and has made many friends.  Some even showed up to her birthday party this past weekend at the gymnastics center she goes to every Wednesday.  Was a good turnout all together with family and friends and she had a blast.  Morgan is a ‘pepper’ or ‘hot mess’ or passionate might be probably the best way to put it.  She’s passionate to a fault, and anyone who’s been around her for a while knows what I mean.  But she’s my precious little girl, and  loves watching Princess and the Frog and chasing Camryn around the house.  Both of the girls are getting big and Leslie & I are having a blast seeing their little personalities forming.  She might not want anything to do with me when her mommy is around but I know it’s just a phase.  Isn’t it…?

Big things on the horizon?  Ellerbusch Family pictures have been taken and are about to be ordered, Camryn might start softball this summer, and maybe Morgan potty training to begin soon (god help us all).  She took her diaper off in the middle of the night last night, so it’s probably time.

Lastly, since everyone always asks!!  Pictures are coming!!  I’ve fallen wayyy behind in editing and there are a few hundred to weed through and upload.  Keep an eye on the Ellerbusch.net Flickr page (good God I just realized the most recent stuff is from Christmas).

I can’t promise I’ll keep up with the blog, hey I’ve done it before and not kept up my end of the bargain.

Camryn’s First LSU Game

Camryn and Daddy LSU, originally uploaded by Ryan Ellerbusch.

Camryn attended the LSU vs Kentucky game on Saturday October 1st. She had a great time with Poppop and Dad. Camryn wasn’t too fond of the cannon that they shot on the field even tho Daddy told her about it. She liked the Dipping Dots ice cream but wasn’t too fond of the caramel corn. She also got quite tired around the beginning of the 2nd quarter and fell asleep on me with about 7 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. We went back to the RV at halftime. All in all we had a blast!! More pictures on the E.Net Flickr Page

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Camryn Gymnastics

Camryn had her first Gymnastics class yesterday. She had a lot of fun doing tumbles, climbing the balance beam, hanging from the rings. I’ve put some videos up on the Ellerbusch.net Flickr page and will post a link to that shortly. We’re hoping that she will enjoy Gymnastics, only thing that scares us is all the tumbling she’s doing at home now. Time to pad every sharp corner like she’s learning to walk again!

New Photos & Video

Camryn GymnasticsCamryn GymnasticsCamryn GymnasticsFt. Walton 2011FIRST DAY IF PK-3!!!Camryn's New Bed!
Gulf Shores 2011 076Family_BWGulf Shores 2011 055Gulf Shores 2011 050Gulf Shores 2011 043Gulf Shores 2011 038
Gulf Shores 2011 037Gulf Shores 2011 035Ellerbuschs_CMYKGulf Shores 2011 025Gulf Shores 2011 022Andrys_BW
Andrys_2Gulf Shores 2011 014Les_Girls_BW2Gulf Shores 2011 004Waterscape, Ft.Walton, FL.New Playroom
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First Day of Pre-K3!

Oh how time flies!!


She did very well, let us walk her into class then immediately began to play with toys.  When Leslie & I walked over to tell her goodbye she just said, “Ok see ya Mommy & Daddy”.  My little girl all grown up :(

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